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Taco Bueno Menu Nutritional Guide: Food Data & Values

Like other taco-centric fast food chains, Taco Bueno specializes in the namesake entree as well as burritos, quesadillas, and nachos. Other popular menu items include specialty muchachos (tacos using flatbread shells) and tostadas, sometimes referred to as taco pizzas. Most of the menu items contain dairy (cheese and/or sour cream) as well as wheat. However, diners may customize orders to exclude dairy products or substitute wheat tortilla shells for hard-shell corn tortillas. Salads and soups grace the available menus, as well.

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Health Tips:

  • Tacos – A patron ordering a soft taco with beef and cheese consumes around 210 calories, 12 grams of fat, and 12 grams of carbs. Chicken tacos offer roughly 185 calories, eight grams of fat, and 19 grams of carbs.
  • Burritos – Burritos represent another favorite on the menus and boast anywhere from 400 to 600 calories and in excess of 45 grams of fat.
  • Quesadillas – Nutrition charts for a standard quesadilla show 700 to 800 calories for chicken, beef, or bean orders and 40 to 50 grams of fat.
  • Soups – Soups available come in 100- to 200-calorie orders. A cup of the chicken tortilla soup offers six grams of fat, while a bowl boasts 11 grams.
  • Nachos – Outside of base nachos with cheese (570 calories), each of the specialty nacho selections contains 1,000 calories or more, with some versions of the dish offering close to 1,500 calories.
  • Beans – Sides of beans often increase orders by 150 to 200 calories. Sour cream sides contain a minimal 60 calories yet six grams of fat for one-ounce servings.
  • Dessert – For each two-ounce serving of the dessert chimichangas, patrons should expect to consume 200 calories and 11 grams of fat.


CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)Weight Watchers


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Bean Burrito60422671590117
Bean Burrito : Without Cheddar Cheese52617661469115
Bean Burrito : Without Chili54919611319115
Beef Burrito51023411377114
Beef Burrito : Without Cheddar Cheese43219401255112
Beef Burrito : Without Chili45520351105112
Beef Big Ol’ Burrito (B.O.B.™):77233571833221
Beef Big Ol’ Burrito (B.O.B.™): Without Cheddar Cheese61524561590217
Beef Big Ol’ Burrito (B.O.B.™): Without Chili71631511561219
Beef Big Ol’ Burrito (B.O.B.™): Without Sour Cream71532551814119
Beef Big Ol’ Burrito (B.O.B.™):60731531640316
Chicken Big Ol’ Burrito (B.O.B.™): Without Cheddar Cheese45022521397312
Chicken Big Ol’ Burrito (B.O.B.™): Without Sour Cream55130511621215
Combination Burrito56423541505116
Combination Burrito : Without Cheddar Cheese48618531384113
Combination Burrito : Without Chili50920481234114
Combination Burrito : Without Refried Beans44018401157112
Beef Potato Burrito3581132905310
Beef Potato Burrito : Without Queso30593064419
Beef Potato Burrito : Without Sour Cream330113189629
Chicken Potato Burrito327113392839
Chicken Potato Burrito : Without Queso27493166728
Chicken Potato Burrito : Without Sour Cream299113291828
Party Burrito®37413431002111
Party Burrito® : Without Cheddar Cheese335114394119
Party Burrito® : Without Chili3351240866110
Black Bean Burrito4901870730213


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CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)Weight Watchers
Bacon Egg Quesadilla91045512090225
Bacon Egg Burrito49026361110413
Potato Egg Burrito4601747680412
Sausage Egg Burrito4402137720412
Meat Lovers Burrito56031371360415
Potato Stix28021835008


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CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)Weight Watchers
Beef Crispy Taco210131244016
Beef Crispy Taco : Without Cheddar Cheese1617631704
Chicken Crispy Taco170121241015
Chicken Crispy Taco : Without Cheddar Cheese1007730712
Beef Soft Taco245111862007
Beef Soft Taco : Without Cheddar Cheese20691755906
Chicken Soft Taco184101961015
Chicken Soft Taco : Without Cheddar Cheese14581854914
Party Taco®1437524404
Party Taco® : Without Cheddar Cheese1044518303
Flame-Grilled Chicken Fajita Taco :210151960026
Flame-Grilled Chicken Fajita Taco : Without Cheddar Cheese14271949714
Flame-Grilled Steak Fajita Taco :230142050026
Flame-Grilled Steak Fajita Taco : Without Pepper Jack Cheese15691845514
Beef Taco Rollup™190101852015
Chicken Taco Rollup™180111854015


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CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)Weight Watchers
Black Beans: Side Portion180123681005
Black Beans: Platter Portion9061840503
Cilantro Lime Rice : Side Portion28056351007
Cilantro Lime Rice : Platter Portion14033225504
Cheddar Cheese794112102
Corn Tortilla Chips2193272516
Mexican Rice46910831287413
Pico de Gallo5011000
Refried Beans63424601787117
Refried Beans : Without Cheddar Cheese55620601666116
Refried Beans : Without Chili57822541516016
Salsa – Original Red141336600
Small Mexican Rice (Available only with Platters)23554164326
Small Refried Beans (Available only with Platters)317123089409
Small Refried Beans Without Cheddar Cheese278103083308
Small Refried Beans Without Chili289112775808
Sour Crea57121912
Beef Muchaco®4961749877213
Beef Muchaco® : Without Refried Beans3921438596211
Beef Muchaco® : Without Cheddar Cheese4571549826212
Chicken Muchaco®3871740817211
Chicken Muchaco® : Without Cheddar Cheese348153975629

Soups and Salads

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CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)Weight Watchers
Beef Taco Salad104336581705229
Beef Taco Salad : Without Cheddar Cheese88627561462225
Beef Taco Salad : Without Chili98733511433227
Beef Taco Salad : Without Guacamole98835561577228
Beef Taco Salad : Without Sour Cream98635561686228
Beef Taco Salad : Without Tortilla Bowl56428151383216
Chicken Taco Salad83830531325323
Chicken Taco Salad : Without Cheddar Cheese68021521083319
Chicken Taco Salad : Without Guacamole78329511198322
Chicken Taco Salad : Without Sour Cream78129511307222
Chicken Taco Salad : Without Tortilla Bowl35922101004210
Beef Nacho Salad75928581877621
Beef Nacho Salad : Without Cheddar Cheese68124571756619
Beef Nacho Salad : Without Chili64824451334518
Chicken Nacho Salad71328591911720
Chicken Nacho Salad : Without Cheddar Cheese63424581790718
Chicken Nacho Salad : Without Chili60124461368617
Chicken Tortilla Soup – Bowl2372019143037
Chicken Tortilla Soup – Bowl : Without Tortilla Strips and Cheese1481711138234
Chicken Tortilla Soup – Cup117181173634
Chicken Tortilla Soup – Cup : Without Tortilla Strips and Cheese6116769133


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CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)Weight Watchers
Cheese Quesadilla70930481261119
Beef Quesadilla82338491612122
Chicken Quesadilla76138501658120
Mini Cheese Quesadill274112353317
Kids Cheese Quesadill21982346216
Beef Bueno Chilada®52324422056615

Specialties and Desserts

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CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)Weight Watchers
Beef Bueno Chilada® : Without Chili41219291512611
Beef Bueno Chilada® : Without Queso33714351147210
Chicken Bueno Chilada®47724432090714
Chicken Bueno Chilada® : Without Chili36519301546610
Chicken Bueno Chilada® : Without Queso2901436118128
Cheese Nachos57218471396816
Cheesecake Chimichanga21042416046
MexiDips & Chips®1086291051862730
MexiDips & Chips® : Without Cheddar Cheese1047271051802729
MexiDips & Chips® : Without MexiDip Bowls97027911846627
Beef Mucho Nachos®15675712741051344
Beef Mucho Nachos® : Without Cheddar Cheese14885212639841342
Beef Mucho Nachos® : Without Chili13995010932901239
Beef Mucho Nachos® : Without Refried Beans1233459131761335
Beef Mucho Nachos® : Without Sour Cream15105612540861242
Chicken Mucho Nachos®15055712841501343
Chicken Mucho Nachos® : Without Cheddar Cheese14265312840291340
Chicken Mucho Nachos® : Without Chili13375011033351237
Chicken Mucho Nachos® : Without Refried Beans1171459332211333
Chicken Mucho Nachos® : Without Sour Cream14485612641311241
Tostada : Without Cheddar Cheese28393174918
Tostada : Without Chili345132666009
Tostada : Without Refried Beans234101546717
Southwest Empanada:20072654016


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CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)Weight Watchers
Beef Muchaco® :4961749877213
Beef Muchaco® : Without Refried Beans3921438596211
Beef Muchaco® : Without Cheddar Cheese4571549826212
Chicken Muchaco®3871740817211
Chicken Muchaco® : Without Cheddar Cheese348153975629

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