Peter Piper Pizza Nutrition Facts & Calorie Information

Peter Piper Pizza Menu Nutritional Guide: Food Data & Values

Peter Piper Pizza operates as a child-friendly restaurant chain with some prominence in the U.S. and Mexico. Serving up American-style pizza and wing creations, the chain provides an eat-and-play experience fit for both children and adults. Menu features range from specialty pizzas to desserts and include traditional sides like breadsticks and salads. The pizza chain remains popular for available beer selections, as well.

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Health Tips:

  • Pizza – A standard four-person family typically orders a proportionally sized pizza (large or extra-large), a side of bread or chicken wings, and fountain beverages. Depending on preferred pizza toppings, typical calorie counts range greatly.
  • Crust Crust types play significant roles when factoring nutritional value. Patrons who select thin crust may cut standard large slices of pizza to half the calories.
  • Breadsticks – Consuming a side of two breadsticks adds in over 300 calories to meals and almost 1,000mg of sodium. Side dishes like garlic cheese bread also offer around 300 additional calories per serving, while chicken wings contain 100 calories about 200 mg of sodium per serving.
  • Dessert – Available dessert options include cinnamon crunch dessert and ice cream.
  • Diets – Overall, menu features available for diets such as vegan or gluten-free remain primarily in the sides lists. Items containing no meat or dairy include the chopped house salad and Mandarin cranberry salad.



Large Pizzas

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Cheese – Original3004703718
Cheese – Thin1502901410
Cheese – Hand-Tossed2905903817
Cheese – Pan2905903817
Pepperoni – Original3005503616
Pepperoni – Thin150340139
Pepperoni – Hand-Tossed2906703714
Pepperoni – Pan3307104415
Sausage – Original3105803817
Sausage – Thin1503601410
Sausage – Hand-Tossed3106903915
Sausage – Pan3407404616
Ham & Pineapple – Original2805303817
Ham & Pineapple – Thin130320159
Ham & Pineapple – Hand-Tossed2806403915
Ham & Pineapple – Pan3106904616
Pepperoni & Sausage – Original3106003717
Pepperoni & Sausage – Thin150370149
Pepperoni & Sausage – Hand-Tossed3107103815
Pepperoni & Sausage – Pan3407604516
Chicago Classic – Original3005503817
Chicago Classic – Thin150340159
Chicago Classic – Hand-Tossed3006603915
Chicago Classic – Pan3407104616
New York 3 Cheese w/ Pepperoni – Original3807103821
New York 3 Cheese w/ Pepperoni – Thin2004401412
New York 3 Cheese w/ Pepperoni – Hand-Tossed3808303919
New York 3 Cheese w/ Pepperoni – Pan4108704620
California Veggie – Original2004302312
California Veggie – Thin130290158
California Veggie – Hand-Tossed2705603913
California Veggie – Pan3006104714
5 Meat Supreme – Original3508503821
5 Meat Supreme – Thin1604201412
5 Meat Supreme – Hand-Tossed3107903919
5 Meat Supreme – Pan3508304620
The Werx – Original3106703817
The Werx – Thin1604201410
The Werx – Hand-Tossed3107903916
The Werx – Pan3508304616
Smokehouse – Original3708903823
Smokehouse – Thin2005701513
Smokehouse – Hand-Tossed37010103921
Smokehouse – Pan40010504622

Extra Large Pizzas

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Cheese – Original2604203217
Cheese – Thin1402901310
Cheese – Hand-Tossed2605303315
Cheese – Pan2905603816
Pepperoni – Original2604603214
Pepperoni – Thin140340139
Pepperoni – Hand-Tossed2605903313
Pepperoni – Pan2806203713
Sausage – Original2805303316
Sausage – Thin1503701410
Sausage – Hand-Tossed2806303414
Sausage – Pan3006603915
Ham & Pineapple – Original2504703315
Ham & Pineapple – Thin130320149
Ham & Pineapple – Hand-Tossed2505703513
Ham & Pineapple – Pan2706003914
Pepperoni & Sausage – Original2805403215
Pepperoni & Sausage – Thin150370139
Pepperoni & Sausage – Hand-Tossed2806403314
Pepperoni & Sausage – Pan3006703814
Chicago Classic – Original2705003315
Chicago Classic – Thin150350149
Chicago Classic – Hand-Tossed2706003414
Chicago Classic – Pan2906303914
New York 3 Cheese w/ Pepperoni – Original3406303219
New York 3 Cheese w/ Pepperoni – Thin2004501412
New York 3 Cheese w/ Pepperoni – Hand-Tossed3407403417
New York 3 Cheese w/ Pepperoni – Pan3607603918
California Veggie – Original2404003313
California Veggie – Thin130270148
California Veggie – Hand-Tossed2405003412
California Veggie – Pan2605303912
5 Meat Supreme – Original3208203320
5 Meat Supreme – Thin1905801413
5 Meat Supreme – Hand-Tossed3209203418
5 Meat Supreme – Pan3409503919
The Werx – Original2906303316
The Werx – Thin1604401410
The Werx – Hand-Tossed2807303414
The Werx – Pan3107603915
Smokehouse – Original3408403321
Smokehouse – Thin2006001414
Smokehouse – Hand-Tossed3409403419
Smokehouse – Pan3609703920

Appetizers and Desserts

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Garlic Cheese Bread3106103710
Cinnamon Crunch Dessert220220495
Italian Chef29019101424
Chicken Caesar2009001021

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