Fox’s Pizza Den Nutrition Facts & Calorie Information

Fox's Pizza Den Menu Nutritional Guide: Food Data & Values

Fox’s Pizza Den operates close to 250 locations nationwide. The popular restaurant chain offers traditional and specialty options of the Italian classic as well as side items, sandwiches, and baked stromboli. Pizza comes by the slice or as small, medium, large, and extra-large orders. Sandwiches available fall around six inches in length. Most stromboli orders feature enough food for two or more people; however, many customers treat stromboli as individual orders. Individual customers typically order a pizza or a sandwich. Patrons may also order side items, such as breadsticks, jalapeno poppers, onion rings, or French fries, to supplement meals. The addition of side items generally depends on the number of people in a given party and the size of any pizza or pizzas ordered.

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Health Tips:

  • Pizza – A single slice of cheese pizza contains roughly 200 calories and around eight grams of fat. Each individual serving also contains 250mg or so of sodium and about 15mg of cholesterol.
  • Sandwich – Sandwiches, including both hoagies and the Fox’s Pizza Den signature wedgies, often contain more than 600 calories and between 30 and 40 grams of fat. The sandwich options also feature sodium levels ranging from 1,000mg up to 1,900mg per selection.
  • Sides – Available sides consist of mainly pizza- or Italian-inspired options. Breadsticks grace the Fox’s Pizza Den menus and serve as traditional accompaniments to regular orders of pizza and stromboli.
  • Salad – Fox’s Pizza Den salads largely incorporate the additions of meats and cheeses to supplement lettuce and veggie bases. Patrons may select from steak or chicken options and add sauces or dressings to personal preferences.
  • Diets – Omitting or substituting meats and cheeses for vegetables reduces the caloric densities of most meals. Individuals with gluten sensitivities should stick to salad offerings, as most menu options contain wheat or use wheat as bases.




CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)Weight Watchers

Cheese Pizza

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Cheese Pizza 9″ – 1 slice (1/4 pizza)21082628015
Cheese Pizza 12″ – 1 slice (1/8 pizza)18072224015
Cheese Pizza 14″ – 1 slice (1/10 pizza)20082527015
Cheese Pizza 16″ – 1 slice (1/12 pizza)22092729016
Cheese Pizza 12″x24″ – 1 slice (1/21 pizza)18072224015

Gourmet Pizza

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CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)Weight Watchers
Bacon Doublecheeseburger290142555018
Barbecue Chicken250123252057
Buffalo Chicken300122674018
Chicken Rancher280122644018
Meat Supreme320162682028
Steak Rancher280122536018


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CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)Weight Watchers
Beef & Cheddar (6 1/2″)69036581400318
Chicken (6 1/2″)67032631390418
Club (6 1/2″)67031611420618
Ham & Cheese (6 1/2″)66032621440618
Italian (6 1/2″)83036631930622
Meatball (6 1/2″)77037771640421
Pizzaroni (6 1/2″)61025591520416
Roast Beef (6 1/2″)66035581400318
Steak (6 1/2″)71033611060519
Turkey (6 1/2″)64029611370617
Turkey & Cheddar (6 1/2″)65030611350618


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CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)Weight Watchers
Beef, Bacon & Cheddar (Half of 9″)5202740940114
BLT (Half of 9″)60025421240216
Chicken (Half of 9″)5002347760113
Club (Half of 9″)4802646940213
Ham & Cheese (Half of 9″)4902544880313
Italian (Half of 9″)57027511150415
Pizzaroni (Half of 9″)4101841730211
Roast Beef (Half of 9″)5202843890114
Steak (Half of 9″)4502429550212
Taco Wedgie (Half of 9″)56025641110616
Turkey (Half of 9″)4702342820312
Veggie (Half of 9″)340123856029


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CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)Weight Watchers
Breadsticks W/ Cheese4101358670311
Cinnamon Sticks4407873203112
Jalapeno Poppers – 651012421720314
Mac & Cheese Wedges – 633093799059
Mozzarella Sticks – 545020401350012
Onion Rings – 9 oz.5006678701114
Spicy Fries – 8 oz.4305561470012
Wedge Fries – 8 oz.400856640011
Zucchini Slices- 9 oz.530653560614


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CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Sugars (g)Weight Watchers
Buffalo Chicken170188162035
Chicken Fry340202871029
Steak Fry330192650029

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  • Stephen Everhardt says:

    I am glutten free and I also avoid yeast. Can you tell me if your glutten friendly crust has yeast in it.
    I have ordered your doughless pizza and its good but I do miss the crust.

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