Firehouse Subs Nutrition Facts & Calorie Information

Firehouse Subs Menu Nutritional Guide: Food Data & Values

Boasting fresh menu options and controllable portion sizes, Firehouse Subs offers diners dozens of varieties of a-la-carte and signature sandwich selections. Sandwiches available on the restaurant menus range in size from medium, eight-inch, cold-cut or hot-prepared subs to larger, foot-long versions of popular offerings. Customers choose between white and wheat bread as the bases of meals and may add or take away toppings and ingredients as desired. The restaurant chain also offers small sandwich options as part of a special Under 500 Calories Menu, which features individual-sized portions of subs largely featuring garden-based, white-meat chicken, and turkey selections. Most guests select a single sandwich and a drink to create complete meals. Each sandwich comes with a dill pickle on the side.

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Health Tips:

  • Sub A typical Firehouse sub without add-ons, such as ham on wheat or chicken on white, contains around 700 calories. Due to bread serving as the basis for most menu options, customers regularly consume between 50 and 100 grams of carbohydrates per sandwich.
  • Alternatives Customers may choose from soups and salads like the Firehouse Chili or Chief’s salad made with chicken, chicken salad, ham, tuna, or turkey. . Patrons looking for dessert options may order from a variety of cookies, including oatmeal-raisin, chocolate chip, and lemon cooler.
  • Diets Individuals with special dietary needs may ask to review nutrition charts prior to ordering onsite or view the information online. Gluten-intolerant customers may find salads the only suitable options for dining at Firehouse Subs locations, as every sandwich uses bread as a base ingredient.


CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Suars (g)Weight Watchers


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Chicken Medium Wheat680375518401319
Chicken Medium White69037551750919
Chicken Medium White without mayo & cheese38029531370910
Chicken Large Wheat1050578725602130
Chicken Large White1050578627001429
Chicken Salad Medium Wheat810346014601322
Chicken Salad Medium White82034601370922
Chicken Salad Medium White without mayo & cheese5202658990913
Chicken Salad Large Wheat1380609821802337
Chicken Salad Large White1380609523201537
Club Medium Wheat770406520001922
Club Medium White780406419101521
Club Medium White without mayo & cheese480346216101513
Club Large Wheat12707310731903536
Club Large White12707210433602735
Corned Beef Medium Wheat720355523801120
Corned Beef Medium White73035542290720
Corned Beef Medium White without mayo & cheese43027521910711
Corned Beef Large Wheat1120548833701931
Corned Beef Large White1120538435101131
Engine Company Medium Wheat690365718401319
Engine Company Medium White70036571750919
Engine Company Medium White without mayo & cheese39030551450910
Engine Company Large Wheat1130669330002231
Engine Company Large White1130669231401531
Engineer Medium Wheat680396220001319
Engineer Medium White69039611910919
Engineer Medium White without mayo & cheese38031581720911
Engineer Large Wheat11107010031902331
Engineer Large White1110699633301531
Ham Medium Wheat730377117202521
Ham Medium White730377016302120
Ham Medium White without mayo & cheese430296812502112
Ham Large Wheat11205711223704032
Ham Large White11205710825103231
Hero Medium Wheat770486522602021
Hero Medium White770486421701521
Hero Medium White without mayo & cheese470406217901512
Hero Large Wheat11606810629103432
Hero Large White11606810230502632
Hook & Ladder Medium Wheat690356517501920
Hook & Ladder Medium White700356416601519
Hook & Ladder Medium White without mayo & cheese400296213601511
Hook & Ladder Large Wheat11506410828103532
Hook & Ladder Large White11506410429502732
Italian Medium Wheat910386525202025
Italian Medium White910386424301625
Italian Medium White without mayo & cheese610306220501617
Italian Large Wheat14006811435904339
Italian Large White14006811137303439
King’s Hawaiian Pork & Slaw Sandwich1020427815303629
Meatball Medium Wheat810376020001423
Meatball Medium White820376019101023
Meatball Large Wheat1290599629002336
Meatball Large White1290599530401636
Pastrami Medium Wheat680335722001119
Pastrami Medium White69033562110719
Pastrami Medium White without mayo & cheese39025541730710
Pastrami Large Wheat1060519131001929
Pastrami Large White1060508732401129
Pickle Spear50124000
Roast Beef Medium Wheat700395519101119
Roast Beef Medium White71039541820719
Roast Beef Medium White without mayo & cheese41031521430710
Roast Beef Large Wheat1090608826501929
Roast Beef Large White1090598427901129
Smokehouse Beef Brisket Medium Wheat880306417801625
Smokehouse Beef Brisket Medium White890306416901225
Smokehouse Beef Brisket Medium White without mayo & cheese580246113901216
Smokehouse Beef Brisket Large Wheat15005410128302642
Smokehouse Beef Brisket Large White15005410029701942
Steak Medium Wheat760385618101322
Steak Medium White77038561720921
Steak Medium White without mayo & cheese47030541340913
Steak Large Wheat1280699028302236
Steak Large White1280698929701536
Steamer Medium Wheat71033512450920
Steamer Medium White72033512360520
Steamer Medium White without mayo & cheese41025491980511
Steamer Large Wheat1160598240901532
Steamer Large White116059814230832
Sweet/Spicy MB Medium Wheat870377624702125
Sweet/Spicy MB Medium White880377623801725
Sweet/Spicy MB Large Wheat13505911233703038
Sweet/Spicy MB Large White13505911135102338
Tuna Medium Wheat990366717001528
Tuna Medium White1000366716101128
Tuna Medium White without mayo & cheese700286512301120
Tuna Large Wheat17306511226602749
Tuna Large White17306511128002049
Turkey Bacon Ranch Med Wheat840426023301423
Turkey Bacon Ranch Med White840425922401023
Turkey Bacon Ranch Med White without mayo & cheese540355719401014
Turkey Bacon Ranch Large Wheat1360759837902537
Turkey Bacon Ranch Large White1360749439301737
Turkey Medium Wheat660375919401319
Turkey Medium White67037581850919
Turkey Medium White without mayo & cheese37029561470910
Turkey Large Wheat1030579427002229
Turkey Large White1030579028401428
Veggie Medium Wheat710256016101321
Veggie Medium White72025601520920
Veggie Medium White without mayo & cheese42017581140912
Veggie Large Wheat1060359620902330
Veggie Large White1060359522301630

Double Meat Subs

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CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Suars (g)Weight Watchers
Double Meat Beef Brisket Med White1170466424001233
Double Meat Chicken Med White810585726201122
Double Meat Chick Salad Med White1070516517701128
Double Meat Club Medium White990667429402327
Double Meat Engineer Medium White790596528001122
Double Meat Ham Medium White890588623003525
Double Meat Hero Medium White970797433702326
Double Meat Hook Med White830567424402323
Double Meat Italian Medium White1230597337402333
Double Meat Meatball Medium White1270576828601135
Double Meat Steak Medium White980605823601127
Double Meat Steamer Medium White86050523600523
Double Meat Tuna Medium White1420557922601540
Double Meat Turkey Medium White770586227401121
Double Meat Turk Bac Ranch Med Wh1020676333901227


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CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Suars (g)Weight Watchers
Boxed Lunch-half a medium Chicken260192887057
Boxed Lunch-half a medium Corned Beef2801727110048
Boxed Lunch-half a medium Ham2801935770128
Boxed Lunch-half a medium Pastrami2601628101047
Boxed Lunch-half a medium Roast Beef270192787047
Boxed Lunch-half a medium Turkey250192988057
Boxed Lunch-half a large Chicken36026421250710
Boxed Lunch-half a large Corned Beef43027421670711
Boxed Lunch-half a large Ham430295411801812
Boxed Lunch-half a large Pastrami40025441540711
Boxed Lunch-half a large Roast Beef41030421320711
Boxed Lunch-half a large Turkey38029451340910
Boxed Lunch-medium Chicken520375617101114
Boxed Lunch-medium Corned Beef55035542170915
Boxed Lunch-medium Ham560377015102315
Boxed Lunch-medium Pastrami51033561990914
Boxed Lunch-medium Roast Beef53039541690914
Boxed Lunch-medium Turkey490375817301114
Catering Salad Dlx Platter Chicken100*11637033
Catering Salad Dlx Platter Chic Sal130*9720033
Catering Salad Dlx Platter Ham120*111131073
Catering Salad Dlx Platter Tuna170*9926045
Catering Salad Dlx Platter Turkey100*11738033
Catering Salad Platter35*281541
Catering Sub Deluxe Platter450*345015001312
Catering Sub Platter430*345114401412


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CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Suars (g)Weight Watchers
Chief’s Salad Chicken370381712101010
Chief’s Salad Chicken Salad49034207401013
Chief’s Salad Ham410383110002211
Chief’s Salad Tuna67037279801219
Chief’s Salad Turkey350381912301010

Kid’s Meals

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CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Suars (g)Weight Watchers
Kid’s Grilled Cheese5051353900714
Kid’s Ham Sub2951839750138
Kid’s Meatball49520371050814
Kid’s Roast Beef285193185067
Kid’s Turkey Sub265183387077


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CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Suars (g)Weight Watchers
Cookie-Oatmeal Raisin300447190249
Cookie-Chocolate Chip2904521603510
Cookie-Lemon Cooler270334380188

Soups and Chili

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CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Suars (g)Weight Watchers
Chicken Noodle Soup160517113024
Broccoli Cheese Soup3001617106088

Fountain Drinks

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CaloriesProtein (g)Total Carbs (g)Sodium (mg)Suars (g)Weight Watchers
Unsweet Tea5012000
Cherry Lime-Aid Light1750430435
Cherry Lime-Aid2750700708
Dr. Pepper26006575657
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast140035250354
Cherry Coke28007060708
Sweet Tea29007420738

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