Jack In The Box Jack in the Box is a fast-food restaurant chain that opened on the west coast and has since expanded across the country. Here high-quality food is offered with on-the-go convenience. Many people lack the time to prepare full meals, so quick-serve dining is relevant to many routines and diets. Although challenging, […]

Long John Silver’s Long John Silver’s is a chain of fast-food seafood restaurants. Virtually everything on the menu is fried, but there are some baked options available, which are usually healthier. Common dishes include fish, chicken tenders, and shrimp that are battered and fried, most served with french fries, cole slaw, and balls of fried […]

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is a fast-food chicken restaurant with its roots in the bold flavors of bayou country. Menu items include whole, bone-in chicken pieces, chicken tenders, shrimp, and fish. The chain is also known for its buttermilk biscuits, unique side dishes, and plentiful sauce options. Although most food items are fried, […]

Sonic restaurants serve an all-day menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Guests can choose from conveniently selected value meals or order a la carte. Well known for their drive-up style services, Sonic also offers a variety of specialty beverages such as milkshakes, flavored coffees, sodas, and frozen drinks. The options are plentiful and while […]

Are you looking for a Fatburger calorie counter online? Well, the chart below will help you find nutritional information about Fatburger menu items. Jump to: Add-Ons Drinks and Shakes Fatburger Fatburgers More Salads Sandwiches Side Dishes Sides Toppings FAQs How may calories are in a Fatburger Small Fatburger? Answer: 400. How many calories are in […]

Are you looking for a Elevation Burger calorie counter online? Well, the chart below will help you find nutritional information about Elevation Burger menu items. Jump to: Burgers Shakes and Ice Cream Shake Toppings Sides Toppings FAQs How may calories are in a Elevation Burger Cheeseburger? Answer: 420. How many calories are in a Elevation […]

Are you looking for a Cinnabon calorie counter online? Well, the chart below will help you find nutritional information about Cinnabon menu items. Jump to: Beverages Cinnapack Hot Plate FAQs How may calories are in a Cinnabon Cinnabon Classic? Answer: 880. How many calories are in a Cinnabon Caramel Pecanbon? Answer: 1080. How many carbs […]

Are you looking for a CiCi’s Pizza calorie counter online? Well, the chart below will help you find nutritional information about CiCi’s Pizza menu items. Jump to: 12” Buffet Pizzas 15” To-Go Pizzas Desserts Extras Italiano Pizzas Soup, Bread, Pasta, and Salad FAQs How may calories are in a CiCi’s Pizza 1 BBQ Slice from […]

Carl’s Jr. operates a chain of more than 1,300 fast food restaurants specializing in burgers and fries. However, available menus offer surprising amounts of variety, with customers able to choose from traditional items and non-traditional items, such as breakfast sandwiches, tacos, burritos, nachos, and quesadillas. The prominent fast food chain also serves shakes and malts, […]

Tennessee-based Captain D’s operates as a chain of fast food restaurants serving primarily seafood-inspired menu options. The massive restaurant boasts over 500 locations in the United States offering baked, fried, and grilled fish, shrimp, crab, and chicken as well as traditional fast food appetizers and sides, such as French fries, baked potatoes, salads, and desserts. […]

Fast-casual chain Burgerville primarily operates in the American Northwest and offers burger-centric menus. According to company philosophy, the chain takes ingredients from local sources to promote sustainably produced food practices. Additionally, the company only purchases humanely raised and antibiotic-free meats. Typical menu items include single or double quarter-pound patty cheeseburgers, chicken, fish, and milkshakes along […]

A chain of more than 600 fast food restaurants located primarily in the U.S. South, Bojangles Famous Chicken ‘n Biscuits offers Cajun-themed cuisine in quick service formats. Most of the menu items available on a daily basis consist of fried chicken, home-style biscuits, seasoned rice, and beans. Patrons may also indulge in salads, sandwiches, and […]

Are you looking for a Arthur Treacher’s calorie counter online? Well, the chart below will help you find nutritional information about Arthur Treacher’s menu items. Jump to: Beverages Breakfast Dessert Extras Fries Seafood Sides Special Beverages Health Tips: Average Meal – A basic meal consists of a sandwich or a cup of soup, a side […]

Are you looking for a Panda Express calorie counter online? Well, the chart below will help you find nutritional information about Panda Express food. Jump to: Families, food, and communities continue to connect at Panda Express since the company founding in 1983. Approximately 1,700 locations reside in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, Mexico, and […]

Known for unique burger recipes, Hardee’s restaurants boast diverse menus including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert options. The fast food chain operates nearly 2,000 locations under the proprietorship of CKE Restaurants. Patrons select from Americana- and Tex-Mex-inspired items ranging from tacos and burritos to signature burgers, breakfast sandwiches, cookies, and ice cream. The average customer […]

Are you looking for a Five Guys calorie counter online? Well, the chart below will help you find nutritional information about Five Guys Burgers and Fries food. Five Guys Burgers and Fries offers traditional Americana cuisine out of more than 1,000 locations across the United States. Customers may order signature hamburgers grilled hot and served […]

Italian favorite Fazoli’s operates in over half the U.S., including more than 215 locations nationwide. Customers frequent the chain for American takes on authentic classics, such as lasagna, baked pastas, pizzas, salads, and appetizers. The family-friendly restaurant offers portions suited to groups of guests as well as kid’s menus available upon request. Most diners select […]

One of the largest fried chicken chains in the country, Church’s Chicken manages over 1,700 locations throughout the United States in addition to several storefronts under the namesake Texas Chicken internationally. Patrons find traditional menus featuring fast food staples like French fries and chicken sandwiches as well as signature fried chicken combo meals and Southern-style […]

Arby’s serves meat-hardy sandwiches in quick-service settings. Though the fast food company generally focuses in providing satisfying and savory portions to customers, patrons may order off of the Market Fresh menu to access low-calorie options including the roast turkey ranch and bacon sandwich, the crispy chicken farmhouse salad, and the roast turkey and Swiss wrap. […]

White Castle stands as one of the first fast food chains in America, with origins dating back to the 1920s. The franchised restaurant offers unique takes on classic hamburger and French fry menu options. Customers enjoy smaller, snack-sized square burgers made with onions and options for cheese. Additions to the menus in recent years include […]

Independently owned and franchised Pretzelmaker stores operate throughout the United States, Canada, Guam, Panama, Guatemala, Jordan, and Trinidad and Tobago. Approximately 375 locations specialize in hand-rolled pretzels, smoothies, and beverages. The pretzel company offers a line of over 10 flavors, not limited to ranch, garlic, and cinnamon sugar, as well as a variety of unique […]

Are you looking for a Chick-fil-A calorie counter online? Well, the chart below will help you find nutritional information about Chick-fil-A menu items. Jump to: Breakfast Classics Condiments Desserts Dressings and Sauces Drinks Salads Side Items Health Tips: Average Meals – A typical customer consumes between 600 and 1,000 calories. Individual servings mostly consist of […]

Are you looking for a Burger King calorie counter online? The chart below will help you find nutritional information about Burger King food. Jump to: Whopper® Sandwiches Flame Broiled Burgers Chicken & More King Jr™ Meals Salads & Sides Breakfast Desserts Additional Options Beverages Beverages by Cup Size (*no ice) BK® Café Health Tips: Combo […]

Boasting small menus in terms of options, In-N-Out Burger restaurants remain widely popular across the U.S. West Coast. The chain uses fresh ingredients sourced primarily from major agricultural outfits in California and surrounding areas, including free-range beef, organic onions, tomatoes, and potatoes, and cruelty free dairy products. Most customers order a burger and a side […]

Checkers Drive In operates alongside sister fast food chain Rally’s. Combined, the two restaurants boast more than 800 locations across the United States. Menus primarily consist of hamburgers and French fries. Chicken sandwiches, hot wings, hot dogs, and specialty drinks also remain available. Patrons generally order one or two burgers and side orders of fries. […]

A chain of roughly 170 restaurants, Back Yard Burgers specializes in traditional Americana diner foods sold under fast food pretenses. The most prevalent menu items include burgers, fries, hotdogs, chicken sandwiches, and salads. Daily offerings also include wide varieties of desserts ranging from cobblers and ice cream to milkshakes and cookies. Patrons may mix and […]

Founded in 1961, Wienerschnitzel operates as an American fast food chain specializing in hot dogs. Primary located in California and Texas, other branches include restaurants in Utah, Nevada, Louisiana, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, and Illinois. Approximately 350 outlets allow the company to grab the title of one of the largest hot dog chains in the world. […]

A notable fast food chain primarily located in the Southern United States, Krystal maintains a menu full of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for hungry restaurant seekers. The eatery remains notable for a slider selection accompanied by chicken sandwiches and hot dogs of the same proportions. A normal meal eaten around lunch time typically consists […]

Hello, World! Are you looking for a Wendy’s calorie counter online? Well, the chart below will help you find nutritional information about Wendy’s menu items. Known for square hamburgers, sea salt fries, and Frostys, Wendy’s operates as an American international fast food chain. Founded in 1969 by Dave Thomas, the company manages around 6,500 restaurants. […]

Providing delectable deep-fried chicken and home-style southern side dishes since 1952, Kentucky Fried Chicken boasts savory options from buttery biscuits to enormous family-size buckets of chicken. A majority of available meals include original recipe, extra crispy, or grilled chicken. For customers seeking KFC chicken with modest levels of fats and calories, grilled items remain the […]

Sizeable and widely diverse menus, convenient hours, and affordable prices draw patrons to Taco Bell restaurants by the millions on an annual basis. Customers flock to the more than 6,500 storefronts offering dine-in, pick-up, and drive-thru options. Both corporate-owned and franchised locations offer similar menus featuring Tex-Mex staples like tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and nachos as […]

More than 68 million customers from over 120 different countries arrive daily at McDonald’s, one of the largest chains of hamburger joints in the world. The fast food restaurant originated in 1940 and maintains headquarters in Oak Brook, IL. A mixed collection of franchises, affiliates, and corporate-owned outlets yield annual revenue near $27 billion. The […]