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Donatos Menu Nutritional Guide: Food Data & Values

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Serving SizeCaloriesSodium (mg)Total Carb (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)

Classic Pizzas

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Pepperoni Pizza, 14″ Famous Thin1 Slice1403701117
Pepperoni Pizza, 12″ Famous Thin1 Slice1203201016
Pepperoni Pizza, 10″ Famous Thin1 Slice80220714
Pepperoni Pizza, 7″ Famous Thin1 Slice70180613
Pepperoni Pizza, 12″ Gluten Free1 Slice1201901005
Serious Cheese Pizza, 14″ Famous Thin1 Slice1403501217
Serious Cheese Pizza, 12″ Famous Thin1 Slice1203101016
Serious Cheese Pizza, 10″ Famous Thin1 Slice80220714
Serious Cheese Pizza, 7″ Famous Thin1 Slice70180614
Serious Cheese Pizza, 12″ Gluten Free1 Slice1201701015

Signature Pizzas

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Serving SizeCaloriesSodium (mg)Total Carb (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Founder’s Favorite, 14″ Famous Thin1 Slice1605601229
Founder’s Favorite, 12″ Famous Thin1 Slice1404901018
Founder’s Favorite, 10″ Famous Thin1 Slice100350715
Founder’s Favorite, 7″ Famous Thin1 Slice80280614
Founder’s Favorite, 14″ Thick1 Slice17059016210
Founder’s Favorite, 12″ Thick1 Slice1505201429
Founder’s Favorite, 7″ Thick1 Slice90290815
Founder’s Favorite, 14″ Hand Tossed1 Slice33094033418
Founder’s Favorite, 12″ Hand Tossed1 Slice24067024313
Founder’s Favorite, 12″ Gluten Free1 Slice1303501127
The Works Pizza, 14″ Famous Thin1 Slice1503901328
The Works Pizza, 12″ Famous Thin1 Slice1303501127
The Works Pizza, 10″ Famous Thin1 Slice90240815
The Works Pizza, 7″ Famous Thin1 Slice80200614
The Works Pizza, 14″ Thick1 Slice1704301739
The Works Pizza, 12″ Thick1 Slice1503801528
The Works Pizza, 7″ Thick1 Slice80210814
The Works Pizza, 14″ Hand tossed1 Slice32069034416
The Works Pizza, 12″ Hand Tossed1 Slice23049025311
The Works Pizza, 12″ Gluten Free1 Slice1302101126
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella Pizza, 14″ Famous Thin1 Slice1403301118
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella Pizza, 12″ Famous Thin1 Slice1302901017
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella Pizza, 10″ Famous Thin1 Slice90210715
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella Pizza, 7″ Famous Thin1 Slice80170604
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella Pizza, 14″ Thick1 Slice16032015110
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella Pizza, 12″ Thick1 Slice1402901318
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella Pizza, 7″ Thick1 Slice80160715
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella Pizza, 14″ Hand Tossed1 Slice34061031219
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella Pizza, 12″ Hand tossed1 Slice25045023214
Chicken Spinach Mozzarella Pizza, 12″ Gluten Free1 Slice1201601016
Mariachi Chicken Pizza, 14″ Famous Thin1 Slice1404201328
Mariachi Chicken Pizza, 12″ Famous Thin1 Slice1203701127
Mariachi Chicken Pizza, 10″ Famous Thin1 Slice80260815
Mariachi Chicken Pizza, 7″ Famous Thin1 Slice70210714
Mariachi Chicken Pizza, 14″ Thick1 Slice1504501739
Mariachi Chicken Pizza, 12″ Thick1 Slice1404001528
Mariachi Chicken Pizza, 7″ Thick1 Slice80220815
Mariachi Chicken Pizza, 14″ Hand Tossed1 Slice31073034416
Mariachi Chicken Pizza, 12″ Hand Tossed1 Slice22052025311
Mariachi Chicken Pizza, 12″ Gluten Free1 Slice1202301126
 Serving SizeCaloriesSodium (mg)Total Carb (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Mariachi Beef Pizza, 14″ Famous Thin1 Slice1404001227
Mariachi Beef Pizza, 12″ Famous Thin1 Slice1203501126
Mariachi Beef Pizza, 10″ Famous Thin1 Slice90250814
Mariachi Beef Pizza, 7″ Famous thin1 Slice70200614
Mariachi Beef Pizza, 14″ Thick1 Slice1604301739
Mariachi Beef Pizza, 12″ Thick1 Slice1403801528
Mariachi Beef Pizza, 7″ Thick1 Slice80210814
Mariachi Beef Pizza, 14″ Hand Tossed1 Slice31070034315
Mariachi Beef Pizza, 12″ Hand Tossed1 Slice22050025211
Mariachi Beef Pizza, 12″ Gluten Free1 Slice1202201115
Bourbon BBQ Bacon Pizza, 14″ Famous Thin1 Slice1504101427
Bourbon BBQ Bacon Pizza, 12″ Famous Thin1 Slice1303701226
Bourbon BBQ Bacon Pizza, 10″ Famous Thin1 Slice90260914
Bourbon BBQ Bacon Pizza, 7″ Famous Thin1 Slice80220814
Bourbon BBQ Bacon Pizza, 14″ Hand Tossed1 Slice32073036515
Bourbon BBQ Bacon Pizza, 12″ Gluten Free1 Slice1302301235
Double Bacon Pepperoni Pizza, 14″ Famous Thin1 Slice18051012210
Double Bacon Pepperoni Pizza, 12″ Famous Thin1 Slice1604501019
Double Bacon Pepperoni Pizza, 10″ Famous Thin1 Slice110310716
Double Bacon Pepperoni Pizza, 7″ Famous Thin1 Slice90270615
Double Bacon Pepperoni Pizza, 14″ Hand Tossed1 Slice36087033419
Double Bacon Pepperoni Pizza, 12″ Gluten Free1 Slice1503101027
Serious Meat Pizza, 14″ Famous Thin1 Slice17052012210
Serious Meat Pizza, 12″ famous Thin1 Slice1404501019
Serious Meat Pizza, 10″ Famous Thin1 Slice100320716
Serious Meat Pizza, 7″ Famous thin1 Slice90280615
Serious Meat Pizza, 14″ Thick1 Slice19056016211
Serious Meat Pizza, 12″ Thick1 Slice16048014210
Serious Meat Pizza, 7″ Thick1 Slice100290816
Serious Meat Pizza, 14″ Hand Tossed1 Slice34087033419
Serious Meat Pizza, 12″ Hand Tossed1 Slice25063024314
Serious Meat Pizza, 12″ Gluten Free1 Slice1403101027
Margherita Pizza, 14″ Famous thin1 Slice1402701117
Margherita Pizza, 12″ Famous thin1 Slice1302401016
Margherita Pizza, 10″ Famous thin1 Slice90160714
Margherita Pizza, 7″ Famous thin1 Slice80140614
Margherita Pizza, 14″ Thick1 Slice1602601418
Margherita Pizza, 12″ Thick1 Slice1402301317
Margherita Pizza, 7″ Thick1 Slice80130714
Margherita Pizza, 14″ Hand Tossed1 Slice30040030214
 Serving SizeCaloriesSodium (mg)Total Carb (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Margherita Pizza, 12″ Hand tossed1 Slice21029022115
Margherita Pizza, 12″ Gluten Free1 Slice1201001015
Hot Chicken Pizza, 14″ Famous thin1 Slice1505301328
Hot Chicken Pizza, 12″ Famous thin1 Slice1404701217
Hot Chicken Pizza, 10″ Famous thin1 Slice90330815
Hot Chicken Pizza, 7″ Famous thin1 Slice80290714
Hot Chicken Pizza, 14″ Thick1 Slice1705601829
Hot Chicken Pizza, 12″ Thick1 Slice1605001628
Hot Chicken Pizza, 7″ thick1 Slice90300915
Hot Chicken Pizza, 14″ Hand tossed1 Slice33091036416
Hot Chicken Pizza, 12″ Hand tossed1 Slice23063026311
Very Vegy Pizza, 14″ Famous Thin1 Slice1203301226
Very Vegy Pizza, 12″ Famous Thin1 Slice1002901125
Very Vegy Pizza, 10″ Famous Thin1 Slice70200813
Very Vegy Pizza, 7″ Famous Thin1 Slice60170713
Very Vegy Pizza, 14″ Thick1 Slice1403601737
Very Vegy Pizza, 12″ Thick1 Slice1203201526
Very Vegy Pizza, 7″ Thick1 Slice70180813
Very Vegy Pizza, 14″ Hand tossed1 Slice27059034413
Very Vegy Pizza, 12″ Hand tossed1 Slice1904202539
Very Vegy Pizza, 12″ Gluten Free1 Slice1001501124
Classic Trio Pizza, 14″ Famous thin1 Slice1503901218
Classic Trio Pizza, 12″ Famous thin1 Slice1303501017
Classic Trio Pizza, 10″ Famous thin1 Slice90240715
Classic Trio Pizza, 7″ Famous thin1 Slice80220614
Classic Trio Pizza, 14″ Thick1 Slice1704301629
Classic Trio Pizza, 12″ thick1 Slice1503801425
Classic Trio Pizza, 7″ thick1 Slice80210815
Classic Trio Pizza, 14″ Hand tossed1 Slice32069033416
Classic Trio Pizza, 12″ hand tossed1 Slice23049024211
Classic Trio Pizza, 12″ Gluten Free1 Slice1302101026
Hawaiian Pizza, 14″ Famous Thin1 Slice1303701327
Hawaiian Pizza, 12″ Famous Thin1 Slice1203301126
Hawaiian Pizza, 10″ Famous Thin1 Slice80230814
Hawaiian Pizza, 7″ Famous thin1 Slice70180713
Hawaiian Pizza, 14″ thick1 Slice1504101738
Hawaiian Pizza, 12″ Thick1 Slice1303601538
Hawaiian Pizza, 7″ Thick1 Slice70190914
Hawaiian Pizza, 14″ Hand tossed1 Slice29065034515
Hawaiian Pizza, 12″ Hand Tossed1 Slice21046025311
Hawaiian Pizza, 12″ Gluten Free1 Slice1101901135
Chicken Bruschetta Pizza, 14″ Famous Thin1 Slice1403401117
Chicken Bruschetta Pizza, 12″ Famous thin1 Slice1203001016
Chicken Bruschetta Pizza, 10″ Famous thin1 Slice90210714
Chicken Bruschetta Pizza, 7″ Famous thin1 Slice70180614
Chicken Bruschetta Pizza, 14″ Hand tossed1 Slice1703501019
Chicken Bruschetta Pizza, 12″ Gluten Free Crust1 Slice1201601015
Skinny Pizza, 10″ Vegan Crust1 Slice60100812
It’s Greek To Me Pizza, 10″ Vegan Crust1 Slice40135921

Create Your Own Pizzas

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Serving SizeCaloriesSodium (mg)Total Carb (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Choose Your Crust (nutrients include crust, sauce, and cheese)      
14″ Famous Thin1 Base179048601912189
12″ Famous thin1 Base130035201381564
10″ Famous Thin1 Base9102460981145
7″ Famous Thin1 Base430116047521
14″ Famous Thick1 Base2100543026734112
12″ Famous Thick1 Base153039401942582
7″ Famous thick1 Base490125063826
14″ Hand Tossed1 Base199043802512695
12″ Hand Tossed1 Base144031401841869
12″ Gluten Free1 Base123016001402248

Choose Your Toppings (nutrients are for one topping pizza)

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Choose Your toppings (nutrients are for one topping pizza)Serving SizeCaloriesSodium (mg)Total Carb (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Bleu Cheese, 14″ Pizza1 topping2609803214
Bleu Cheese, 12″ Pizza1 topping1806702110
Bleu Cheese, 10″ Pizza1 topping130490217
Bleu Cheese, 7″ Pizza1 topping60250104
Asiago Cheese, 14″ Pizza1 topping2904002019
Asiago Cheese, 12″ Pizza1 topping2002701013
Asiago Cheese, 10″ Pizza1 topping140200109
Asiago Cheese, 7″ Pizza1 topping70100005
Smoke Provolone Cheese, 14″ Pizza1 topping52010606335
Smoke Provolone Cheese, 12″ Pizza1 topping3807704225
Smoke Provolone Cheese, 10″ Pizza1 topping2705503118
Smoke Provolone Cheese, 7″ Pizza1 topping130260118
Fresh Mozzerella Cheese, 14″ Pizza1 topping3401703226
Fresh Mozzerella Cheese, 12″ Pizza1 topping2401202118
Fresh Mozzerella Cheese, 10″ Pizza1 topping170851113
Fresh Mozzerella Cheese, 7″ Pizza1 topping8040106
Cheddar Cheese, 14″ Pizza1 topping5085103
Cheddar Cheese, 12″ Pizza1 topping4575103
Cheddar Cheese, 10″ Pizza1 topping3560102
Cheddar Cheese, 7″ Pizza1 topping2030001
Pepper Jack Cheese, 14″ Pizza1 topping2804302017
Pepper Jack Cheese, 12″ Pizza1 topping1903001012
Pepper Jack Cheese, 10″ Pizza1 topping140220108
Pepper Jack Cheese, 7″ Pizza1 topping70110004
Fresh Mushrooms, 14″ Pizza1 topping5010747
Fresh Mushrooms, 12″ Pizza1 topping3510535
Fresh Mushrooms, 10″ Pizza1 topping255424
Fresh Mushrooms, 7″ Pizza1 topping100212
Fresh Roma Tomatoes, 14″ Pizza1 topping4010962
Fresh Roma Tomatoes, 12″ Pizza1 topping3510752
Fresh Roma Tomatoes, 10″ Pizza1 topping205531
Fresh Roma Tomatoes, 7″ Pizza1 topping50210
Fresh Green Peppers, 14″ Pizza1 topping355842
Fresh Green Peppers, 12″ Pizza1 topping250631
Fresh Green Peppers, 10″ Pizza1 topping200421
Fresh Green Peppers, 7″ Pizza1 topping100210
Fresh Yellow Onion, 14″ Pizza1 topping901021102
Fresh Yellow Onion, 12″ Pizza1 topping7051672
Fresh Yellow Onion, 10″ Pizza1 topping4501151
Fresh Yellow Onion, 7″ Pizza1 topping250631
Fresh Jalapeno peppers, 14″ Pizza1 topping200431
Fresh Jalapeno peppers, 12″ Pizza1 topping150320
Fresh Jalapeno peppers, 10″ Pizza1 topping100210
Fresh Jalapeno peppers, 7″ Pizza1 topping50110
Jalapeno Peppers, 14″ Pizza1 topping352560831
Jalapeno Peppers, 12″ Pizza1 topping251850521
Jalapeno Peppers, 10″ Pizza1 topping201280421
Jalapeno Peppers, 7″ Pizza1 topping10640210
 Serving SizeCaloriesSodium (mg)Total Carb (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Fresh Baby Spinach, 14″ Pizza1 topping2070303
Fresh Baby Spinach, 12″ Pizza1 topping1555202
Fresh Baby Spinach, 10″ Pizza1 topping1035201
Fresh Baby Spinach, 7″ Pizza1 topping520101
Banana Peppers, 14″ Pizza1 topping251850521
Banana Peppers, 12″ Pizza1 topping151320421
Banana Peppers, 10″ Pizza1 topping10930210
Banana Peppers, 7″ Pizza1 topping10600210
 Serving SizeCaloriesSodium (mg)Total Carb (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Black Olives, 14″ Pizza1 topping190880000
Black Olives, 12″ Pizza1 topping140650000
Black Olives, 10″ Pizza1 topping90440000
Black Olives, 7″ Pizza1 topping35170000
Green Olives, 14″ Pizza1 topping2601920000
Green Olives, 12″ Pizza1 topping1901400000
Green Olives, 10″ Pizza1 topping130960000
Green Olives, 7″ Pizza1 topping50370000
Tomato Bruschetta, 14″ Pizza1 topping22011501392
Tomato Bruschetta, 12″ Pizza1 topping1809001072
Tomato Bruschetta, 10″ Pizza1 topping110590751
Tomato Bruschetta, 7″ Pizza1 topping40200220
Crispy Onions, 14″ Pizza1 topping2202202222
Crispy Onions, 12″ Pizza1 topping1601601622
Crispy Onions, 10″ Pizza1 topping1101151211
Crispy Onions, 7″ Pizza1 topping6055611
Pineapple, 14″ Pizza1 topping90024221
Pineapple, 12″ Pizza1 topping70018161
Pineapple, 10″ Pizza1 topping50012110
Pineapple, 7″ Pizza1 topping200540
Sliced Almonds, 14″ Pizza1 topping4001513315
Sliced Almonds, 12″ Pizza1 topping290109211
Sliced Almonds, 10″ Pizza1 topping2105728
Sliced Almonds, 7″ Pizza1 topping800313
Heritage Pepperoni, 14″ Pizza1 topping56013704031
Heritage Pepperoni, 12″ Pizza1 topping41010003023
Heritage Pepperoni, 10″ Pizza1 topping2806802016
Heritage Pepperoni, 7″ Pizza1 topping110270106
Family Recipe Sausage, 14″ Pizza1 topping53014502028
Family Recipe Sausage, 12″ Pizza1 topping39010701021
Family Recipe Sausage, 10″ Pizza1 topping2707401014
Family Recipe Sausage, 7″ Pizza1 topping110300006
Family Recipe Meatballs, 14″ Pizza1 topping650237025742
Family Recipe Meatballs, 12″ Pizza1 topping450166018529
Family Recipe Meatballs, 10″ Pizza1 topping330122013422
Family Recipe Meatballs, 7″ Pizza1 topping1706307211
Shaved Ham, 14″ Pizza1 topping22021306435
Shaved Ham, 12″ Pizza1 topping16015604326
Shaved Ham, 10″ Pizza1 topping11010903218
Shaved Ham, 7″ Pizza1 topping45420117
Hardwood Smoked Bacon, 14″ Pizza1 topping54020504436
Hardwood Smoked Bacon, 12″ Pizza1 topping47018103331
Hardwood Smoked Bacon, 10″ Pizza1 topping28010702219
Hardwood Smoked Bacon, 7″ Pizza1 topping1505701110
Sliced Chicken Breast, 14″ Pizza1 topping29015908148
Sliced Chicken Breast, 12″ Pizza1 topping23012306037
Sliced Chicken Breast, 10″ Pizza1 topping1508104024
Sliced Chicken Breast, 7″ Pizza1 topping804502014
Ground Beef, 14″ Pizza1 topping33011505234
Ground Beef, 12″ Pizza1 topping2408604226
Ground Beef, 10″ Pizza1 topping1705903118
Ground Beef, 7″ Pizza1 topping70240107
Crispy Hot Chicken, 14″ Pizza1 topping500188031237
Crispy Hot Chicken, 12″ Pizza1 topping380145024229
Crispy Hot Chicken, 10″ Pizza1 topping25096016119
Crispy Hot Chicken, 7″ Pizza1 topping1405309110
Salami, 14″ Pizza1 topping59011303328
Salami, 12″ Pizza1 topping4208202221
Salami, 10″ Pizza1 topping2905702214
Salami, 7″ Pizza1 topping150280117

Oven Baked Subs

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Serving SizeCaloriesSodium (mg)Total Carb (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Big Don Italian Sub With Marinara1 each600185063731
Big Don Italian Sub With House Italian Dressing1 each660187060631
Meatball Sun1 each8502580801345
Fresh Vegy Sub1 each490117063619
Ham & Smoked Provolone Sub1 each560174062631
Hot Chicken Sub1 each840268073440
Chicken Bacon Cheddar Sub1 each770186062445
Steak Hoagie w/ Marinara Sauce1 each640182063535
Steak Hoagie w / Mushroom Gravy1 each640185062435


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Serving SizeCaloriesSodium (mg)Total Carb (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Ceprese Side Salad w / Balsamic Vinaigrette1 each2207001185
Italian Side Salad w / House Italian Dressing1 each330740737
Chicken Ceprese Entrée Salad w / Balsamic Vinaigrette1 each4001440171027
Chicken Harvest Entrée Salad w / House Italian Dressing1 each6001220423028
Italian Chef Entrée Salad w / House Italian Dressing1 each500139012619


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Serving SizeCaloriesSodium (mg)Total Carb (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Family Recipe Meatballs1 Serv1505908310
Fresh Stuffed Jalapenos2 each260600429
Italian Garlic Breadsticks2 each2809304397
Asiago Cheese Bread1/4 bread24054028312
Agarlic Asiago Cheese Bread1/4 bread24054028312


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Serving SizeCaloriesSodium (mg)Total Carb (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Pepperoni Stromboli1 serv9702430951548
Three Meat Stromboli1 serv9602640951551
Deluxe Stromboli1 serv8502150951641

Wings (does not include dipping sauce)

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Wings (does not include dipping sauce)Serving SizeCaloriesSodium (mg)Total Carb (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Traditional Chicken Wings, Plain5 pieces380142024028
Traditional Chicken Wings, Mild Sauce5 pieces420222028129
Traditional Chicken Wings, Hot Sauce5 pieces420224025028
Traditional Chicken Wings, BBQ Sauce5 pieces410170033828
Traditional Chicken Wings, Bourbon BBQ Sauce5 pieces430168035829
Traditional Chicken Wings, Sweet Thai Chili5 pieces4401600391328
Traditional Chicken Wings, Hot Chicken Dry Rub5 pieces390161025028
Traditional Chicken Wings, Italian Parmesean Dry Rub5 pieces410152024031
Traditional Chicken Wings, Roasted Garlic Dry Rub5 pieces390161026128
Traditional Chicken Wings, Wood Fired Chipotle Dry Rub5 pieces380169025128
Boneless Chicken Wings, Plain6 pieces330124021124
Boneless Chicken Wings, Mild Sauce6 pieces410285029426
Boneless Chicken Wings, Hot Sauce6 pieces420291023225
Boneless Chicken Wings, BBQ Sauce6 pieces4001820391825
Boneless Chicken Wings, Bourbon BBQ Sauce6 pieces4301780441726
Boneless Chicken Wings, Sweet Thai Chili6 pieces4701610532825
Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce1 serv200430211
Ranch Dipping Sauce1 serv240420211


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Serving SizeCaloriesSodium (mg)Total Carb (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Cinnamon Bread1/4 bread28028044156
Triple Chocolate Chunk Cookie1 each32032022274
Fudge Brownie1 each36020039344


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Serving SizeCaloriesSodium (mg)Total Carb (g)Sugars (g)Protein (g)
Diet Mountain Dew22 fl oz10100110
Diet Pepsi22 fl oz0105000
Dr Pepper22 fl oz2608072700
Lipton Brewed Tea, Sweetened22 fl oz19017050500
Lipton Brewed Tea, Unsweetened22 fl oz0220000
Mist Twist22 fl oz2806074740
Mountain Dew22 fl oz3009580800
Mug Root Beer22 fl oz2608072720
Pepsi22 fl oz2806076760
Tropicana Fruit Punch22 fl oz3106583820
Tropicana Pink Lemonade22 fl oz28028574730
Diet Moutain Dew12 fl oz055100
Diet Pepsi12 fl oz055000
Dr Pepper12 fl oz1404539380
Lipton Brewed Tea, Sweetened12 fl oz1009527270
Lipton Brewed Tea, Unsweetened12 fl oz0120000
Mist twist12 fl oz1503541410
Mpountain Dew12 fl oz1605044440
Mug Root Beer12 fl oz1404539390
Pepsi12 fl oz1503041410
Tropicana Fruit Punch12 fl oz1703545450
Tropicana Pink Lemonade12 fl oz15015540400

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