Checkers Drive In Nutrition Facts & Calorie Information

Checkers Drive In Menu Nutritional Guide: Food Data & Values

Checkers Drive In operates alongside sister fast food chain Rally’s. Combined, the two restaurants boast more than 800 locations across the United States. Menus primarily consist of hamburgers and French fries. Chicken sandwiches, hot wings, hot dogs, and specialty drinks also remain available. Patrons generally order one or two burgers and side orders of fries. However, a chicken sandwich, hot dog, or order of wings and fries also makes a complete meal. Adding garnishes like cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, or onion to any order may alter the overall nutritional value of menu items.

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Health Tips:

  • Burgers – The average burger available on the restaurant menu contains around 500 calories and 30 grams of fat.
  • Burger alternatives – Wings, chicken sandwiches, and hot dogs contain comparatively similar amounts of calories and fat. Most of the chicken and hot dog options contain at least 1,000mg of sodium, despite containing fewer calories and less fat than traditional burger choices.
  • French Fries – A traditional, small order of fries contains 300 calories, 700mg of sodium, and around 15 grams of fat.
  • Specialty Drinks – In addition to serving Coke products in small, medium, and large sizes, the chain offers shakes, soft serve, and sundaes. Shakes and soft serve offerings start out around 250 calories for small servings and rise to nearly 900 calories for larges.
  • Diets – Despite fish and chicken menu options, Checkers Drive In largely offers no accommodations for individuals with specific dietary restrictions. Patrons with lactose intolerances may omit cheese from any order; however, meat and dairy comprise the entirety of available menus. Individuals with vegan or vegetarian restrictions or lifestyles find French fries represent the only options falling within dietary needs.


CaloriesProteinTotal CarbSodiumSugars (g)Weight Watchers


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Kid’s Burger2801528570371
Kid’s Cheeseburger3201629730388
Bacon Cheddar Burger3702029730389
Bacon Double Cheeseburger650353213406157
Big Buford®570313110905129
Bacon Buford®680343115105175
Bacon Swiss Buford®660352813104153
1/4 LB. Champ®4902232810398
1/4 LB. Champ® with Cheese58024339303112
1/4 LB. Bacon Cheese Champ®630293512304145
1/2 LB. Double Champ®740393010305123
1/2 LB. Double Champ® with Cheese790423413603160
Checkerburger® with Cheese4201833810598
Cheese Double Cheese510293111404134
Chili Cheeseburger3201830620377
Double Chili Cheeseburger4602730760393
Double Decker4802731720489
Rallyburger® with Cheese4201833810598
Smokehouse Buford®6503644161015190
Triple Cheeseburger690433314505170

Chicken, Fish, and Veggie

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CaloriesProteinTotal CarbSodiumSugars (g)Weight Watchers
Crispy Fish Sandwich4301451780699
Deep Sea Double®640256311705146
Frank’s® RedHot® Chicken Sandwich340163413403156
Homestyle Chicken Strip Sandwich670275014204170
Screamin’ Chicken Strip Sandwich650254516903197
Homestyle Chicken Strips Meal (2 piece)670275820601241
Screamin’ Chicken Strips Meal (2 piece)670235924301281
Homestyle Chicken Strips Meal (3 piece)890367725401299
Screamin’ Chicken Strips Meal (3 piece)970368234601400
Spicy Chicken Sandwich550173911103132

Classic Wings

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CaloriesProteinTotal CarbSodiumSugars (g)Weight Watchers
Classic Wings-Honey BBQ (5 piece)39038188101796
Classic Wings-Honey BBQ (10 piece)7807636162034192
Classic Wings-Honey BBQ (20 piece)156015272324068384
Classic Wings-Honey BBQ (40 piece)31203041446480136768
Classic Wings-Extra Hot (5 piece)35538214800165
Classic Wings-Extra Hot (10 piece)71076429600329
Classic Wings-Extra Hot (20 piece)1420152859200659
Classic Wings-Extra Hot (40 piece)2840304161184001317
Classic Wings-Parmesan Garlic (5 piece)480391830094
Classic Wings-Parmesan Garlic (10 piece)96078216600188
Classic Wings-Parmesan Garlic (20 piece)1920156433200376
Classic Wings-Parmesan Garlic (40 piece)3840312866400751
Classic Wings-Asian Kick (5 piece)390381996018113
Classic Wings-Asian Kick (10 piece)7807638192036225
Classic Wings-Asian Kick (20 piece)156015276384072450
Classic Wings-Asian Kick (40 piece)31203041527680144901
Classic Wings-Medium Buffalo (5 piece)33539234200.5375
Classic Wings-Medium Buffalo (10 piece)67077568401751
Classic Wings-Medium Buffalo (20 piece)134015491368021502
Classic Wings-Medium Buffalo (40 piece)2680309182736043003

Hot Dogs

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CaloriesProteinTotal CarbSodiumSugars (g)Weight Watchers
All Beef Hot Dog280112316603187
Chili Dog410192711605135
Chili Cheese Dog390172811504134


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CaloriesProteinTotal CarbSodiumSugars (g)Weight Watchers
Fries – Small300328700084
Fries – Medium4205409901118
Fries – Large59075714101169
Bacon Cheddar Fries560114417502202
Bacon Ranch Fries640125017302202
Chili Cheese Fries550134816102189
Fully Loaded Bacon Cheddar Ranch Fries640115118802218

Shakes and Treats

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CaloriesProteinTotal CarbSodiumSugars (g)Weight Watchers
Cinnamon Apple Pie240331310742
Vanilla Shake – Small3308511803933
Vanilla Shake – Medium41010642204841
Vanilla Shake – Large61014953307262
Chocolate Shake – Small3507571704134
Chocolate Shake – Medium4309722205143
Chocolate Shake – Large650141073307665
Strawberry Shake – Small3507571704234
Strawberry Shake – Medium4409712105342
Strawberry Shake -Large660141063107962
Banana Shake – Small3509561604433
Banana Shake – Medium44011712005441
Banana Shake – Large650161053008161

Soft Drinks

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CaloriesProteinTotal CarbSodiumSugars (g)Weight Watchers
Coca-Cola® Classic – Kid’s990272277
Coca-Cola® Classic – Small17404744713
Coca-Cola® Classic – Medium26507257219
Coca-Cola® Classic – Large34809579525
Diet Coke® – Kid’s1001101
Diet Coke® – Small1001802
Diet Coke® – Medium1002703
Diet Coke® – Large2003504
Sprite® – Kid’s9802622269
Sprite® – Small171046394616
Sprite® – Medium260070597024
Sprite® – Large341091779132

Cold Creations

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CaloriesProteinTotal CarbSodiumSugars (g)Weight Watchers
Strawberry Classic Sundae2505411403426
Classic Chocolate Strawberry Sundae2506411503227
Fudge Classic Sundae3007501803233
Hot Fudge Classic Sundae, Chocolate3508552304840
Vanilla Cone2406371352425
Chocolate Cone2306361502426
Swirl Cone2406371502526
Wafffle Cone – Vanilla43010742404646
Wafffle Cone – Chocolate4709673005451
Wafffle Cone – Swirl43010722504647
Vanilla Cup2105321252722
Chocolate Cup2105311352423
Swirl Cup2106321352423
Mocha Coffee Shake670131023708168
Banana Split Shake720121183909274
Oreo Shake700131094808281
Chocolate Toffee Blast 12oz4409702605747
Chocolate Toffee Blast 16oz58012933507663
Vanilla Toffee Blast 12oz5109733306756
Vanilla Toffee Blast 16oz67012974308973
Chocolate M&M Blast 12oz56011842506550
Chocolate M&M Blast 16oz740151113308766
Vanilla M&M Blast 12oz4809782307246
Vanilla M&M Blast 16oz650121063109762
Strawberry Shake 12oz3207531804334
Strawberry Shake 16oz4309712405745
Strawberry Shake 22oz59012983307862
Strawberry Shake 32oz8601814348011491
Vanilla Shake 12oz3208472003635
Vanilla Shake 16oz43010642704847
Vanilla Shake 22oz59014883706764
Vanilla Shake 32oz860211275409793
Chocolate Shake 12oz3308522004136
Chocolate Shake 16oz45010692705448
Chocolate Shake 22oz61014953707566
Chocolate Shake 32oz8802013653010794
Banana Shake 12oz3207502003935
Banana Shake 16oz43010672705348
Banana Shake 22oz59013923707265
Banana Shake 32oz8602013453010594

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