How much fat is in a Big Mac®? Should I pass on the large fries? Is there less cholesterol in a Whooper® or wings? Will this double latte make me look fat? How much sodium is hidden in your favorite restaurant meal? Am I getting too much trans fat from salad dressing? Is there more protein in a sub or a cheeseburger? Do diet sodas have a lot of sodium? How much less fat is in fried chicken compared to grilled chicken?

Welcome to where we bring the data you need to answer your questions about your favorite restaurant’s food. Making intelligent eating decisions while dining out has never been easier. From quick serve restaurants to causal dining establishments, it is all here. We have gathered the information that you need to determine what options best meet your dietary needs in one convenient, easy to use web site. So while you are visiting don’t forget to leave a comment or recommendation for an alternative food that you feel with curb the urge but that you feel is healthier.

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